Book City’s response to COVID-19

We are diligently trying to be good neighbours and keep the areas shared by staff and customers disinfected. Please be a good neighbour by staying away from this work environment if you are sick.

Book City respectfully asks that if you feel sick, are showing signs of COVID-19, have been in contact with people who have COVID-19 or have been asked by others to self isolate, to NOT ENTER the premises. Our Staff have been asked to do the same.

We recognize that as being part of this community we have responsibilities to serve our customers as best we can. For that reason, if you wish or need to remain at home, we will deliver your book order to you.

Orders can be placed by calling your local Book City. If the book is in stock we will process payment over the phone and deliver it to you within 24 hours. Any books that have to be ordered from our suppliers are subject to the unusual circumstances we and the world are faced with and may take longer than usual to arrive in our stores. Please note that all deliveries will be made without direct contact and therefore your phone number will be needed in order to complete delivery.

Delivery of books to our neighbourhoods:

  1. We believe that by implementing this delivery policy, we are offering a safe alternative to people who are not willing or able to leave their homes while also minimizing customer contact for our staff. 
  2. Any staff member who is uncomfortable in making these deliveries will not be forced to do so.  
  3. The rules for delivery are as follows: 
  • Phone or email contact only for request for delivery
  • Payment in full by credit card by phone only. No emailing of credit card numbers. 
  • The following are strict delivery instructions:
    • We do not make contact with anyone or enter any building. 
    • If you answer the front door, or you are in the front of your residence, the delivery will not be made. 
    • We do not open gates or touch any surfaces. 
    • We will leave your purchase on your front stoop. 
    • We will call once delivery is made. 
    • If delivery cannot be made a full credit will be given.
  • All efforts will be made to meet the 24 hour delivery period but no guarantees can be made.

Delivery Areas

Bloor West Village – 416-961-4496

East of the Humber River, West of Clandenan Ave/Ellis Park Rd., South of Annette St., North of The Queensway

St. Clair – 416-926-0749

East of Avenue Rd./Oriole Pkwy, West of Mt Pleasant Rd., South of the Kay Gardner Trail, North of Roxborough St.

Danforth – 416-469-9997

East of the DVP, West of Jones Ave/Woodycrest Ave, South of Mortimer Ave, North of Gerrard St. East

Beach – 416-698-1444

East of Northern Dancer Blvd/Kingston Rd., West of Victoria Park Ave, South of Kingston Rd, North of the Martin Goodman Trail

For any further questions or concerns, please email us at

8 thoughts on “Book City’s response to COVID-19

    1. Of course! All you need to do is let the staff member know that you are a loyalty member and they will be able to help you with your discount.

      1. I noticed you have the district on the west side of your St. Clair delivery zone unaccounted for. If you would like to add another zone west, equal to the St. Clair zone (say, over to Allen Rd.).
        Feel free to contact me.I live in the area and I would rather ride my bicycle making book deliveries than sitting in the house most of the day.

  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful response to our current situation, And thank you especilaly for the very generous offer of delivering books to people’s doorsteps. That is going well beyond any duty …

  2. I’m outside your area for delivery from the Beaches store but would like to order from you (the Danforth between Main & Woodbine).

    If you find this system you’ve set up proves effective, please consider extending it.


  3. Hi Book City –

    I heard about your offer to deliver books to customers in an article in the Star and I wanted to say – THANK YOU. While I’m just outside your delivery area (west of the Humber) I want to acknowledge your efforts to keep your customers safe and your staff employed. As soon as this pandemic retreats, I will be happy and delighted to walk through your doors again.

    Best of luck and stay safe.

    Kind regards,

  4. Tried to contact Book City on the Danforth by phone this morning, March 23, at 10:15 a.m. (416-469-9997) but no-one answered and I was unable to leave a message. The recording said this customer has not set up his voice mailbox, or words to that effect. What gives?

    1. Hi Susan, our stores only have two phone lines so if both lines are in use it will take you to that automate message. Please try waiting a few minutes and try again. Thanks!

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