November Remainder Newsletter

Fantastic Books at unbelievable prices

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My Adventures with Your MoneyMy Adventures with Your Money by T.D. Thornton

Pub. list price: $33.50

Our price: $6.99

A rich and exciting look into the life of George Graham Rice and the age of the con artist.


World War I Love StoriesWorld War I Love Stories by Gill Paul

Pub. list price: $30.00

Our price: $7.99

Gill Paul looks at some of the most romantic stories to come out of World War I, including the romance that inspired Hemingway’s A Farwell to Arm.


Our Kind of TraitorOur Kind of Traitor by John le Carre

Pub. list price: $27.95

Our price: $7.99

Follow Perry and Gail, a young couple on vacation, as they get entangled in the British Secret Service’s brutal internal battles.


The Beat Goes OnThe Beat Goes On by Ian Rankin

Pub. list price: $26.00

Our price: $7.99

Collected for the first time, here are all of Ian Rankin’s Rebus short stories, including two new ones written for this collection.


The Lady in GoldThe Lady in Gold by Anne-Marie O’Connor

Pub. list price: $21.50

Our price: $7.99

The unbelievable tale of the astonishing masterpiece Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, by Gustav Klimt.


The Devil's DiaryThe Devil’s Diary by Robert K. Wittman and David Kinney

Pub. list price: $43.50

Our price: $8.99

The remarkable tale of a long lost private diary written by Alfred Rosenberg, one of Hitler’s top aides.


My HistoryMy History by Antonia Fraser

Pub. list price: $40.00

Our price: $8.99

Antonia Fraser recalls her distinctive upbringing with unmatched grace style and humour, in this enchanted memoir.


Paris 1919Paris 1919 by Margaret MacMillan

Pub. list price: $24.00

Our price: $8.99

Margaret MacMillan gives readers an intimate view into the fateful meeting of; President Woodrow Wilson, British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, and French premier Georges Clemenceau that would change the world.


MillenniumMillennium by Ian Mortimer

Pub. list price: $38.95

Our price: $9.99

Join Ian Mortimer on a whirlwind tour of the last ten centuries of Western history.


SupergrainsSupergrains by Chrissy Freer

Pub. list price: $19.95

Our price: $9.99

A wonderful guide to the world of supergrain, this book has over 100 recipes that not only taste great but are healthy for you.

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